Sports Physio Services

If you are active in sports, whether at an intermediate level or a professional level where your livelihood relies on optimal peak performance, then you will appreciate the need to maintain the ongoing health and mobility of your body.

As a sportsperson, you constantly put your body under a fair amount of strain, and as a result requires an ongoing body maintenance plan. This is where you could seek the services of a Sports Physio, to keep your muscles and body performing correctly.

The role of a Sports Physio, is to work with sportspeople to not only assess their current training regime, but to also diagnose movement disorders, which may inhibit the body’s ability to perform the best it can be. Sports Physiotherapy Castle Hill can help to increase mobility and reduce stiffness, which may occur from constant vigorous training sessions.  The Sports Physio can implement an appropriate training plan which will be in line with the sportspersons specific needs and as a result may also help to reduce potential injuries.

Sports Physio’s provide an array of treatment methods, which may include:

  • Soft Tissue Massage
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Breathing techniques
  • Joint manipulation
  • Muscle re-education to reduce stiffness and pain
  • Specific exercise programs to strengthen muscles

As sportspeople do not require referrals from Doctors to see Sports Physiotherapists, sportspeople can have the confidence to seek the services of Sports Physiotherapists in their local areas, so they can get an assessment as quickly as possible, in-order to help them on their road to recovery, or onto a dedicated training schedule, to aid their short-term goals.

There are many benefits a sportsperson can receive from working with a Sports Physio in Castle Hill or Parramatta, and they are as follows:

  • Assess pain or injuries quickly to reduce down-time in training
  • Recommend alternate methods of exercises more specific to the athletes needs
  • Provide ongoing advice and monitoring to the individual to enhance performance

Additionally, Sports Physiotherapists in Castle Hill, Wetherill Park or Parramatta, also work with sporting teams as well as individuals. This means that sporting teams may benefit from having an over-arching training and rehabilitation schedule, which assesses the sporting team as-a-whole. In doing so, provides the team not only support for their pain management and injury prevention, but may also find opportunities for the teams to perform at optimal performance. A Sports Physiotherapist who has the ability-to work with a sporting team, may often travel with the team or be available to treat their sporting patients collectively, hence giving the sporting team more time to go about their training, without the need to travel independently to other physiotherapists. Sports Physiotherapists may also provide additional benefits to a sporting team as a group, by implementing goals which may be in line with other core objectives of the team.

  • When should I go see Sports physiotherapists Castle Hill or Parramatta?

If you have suffered from an injury and the pain is overlooked, your aches and pains can escalate and result in worsened conditions. If you even suffer from chronic back pain, vertigo, stiffness, rheumatic arthritis or even asthma, the best option is to seek medical advice, and this is where physiotherapy is very beneficial. Qualified physiotherapists Castle Hill or Parramatta are able to evaluate and diagnose your injury in order to produce an appropriate treatment plan for you to help you on your road to recovery.

  • What treatment methods does a sports physio in Castle Hill, Parramatta and Wetherill Park provide?

Below are some of the treatment methods that a physio in Castle Hill, Parramatta and Wetherill Park provides to keep your muscles and body performing correctly:

Soft Tissue Massage

Massage is defined as the systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for a curative effect. Soft tissues are made more pliable through massage to promote circulation and blood flow and bring about healing effects: physical and psychological changes for general wellbeing.


Water-based rehabilitation, otherwise known as Hydrotherapy, is a therapeutic treatment often offered by physiotherapists to manage musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing is a very powerful tool that aids in improving your health, cope with stress and control your physical responses.

Joint Manipulation

Muscles, tendons and ligaments depend on proper joint movement for peak performance. Spinal and peripheral joint injuries can restrict the range of motion, reduce strength, slow reflexes, shorten endurance, and decrease performance.

Muscle Re-education

Muscle re-education is a very effective treatment used to restore normal body movement patterns. It acts as a way to restore the nerve signals between your muscles and brain for optimal function.

Exercise Programs

Our Exercise Physiologists aim to provide effective exercise interventions to people suffering from chronic injuries, disabilities or medical conditions. We also provide assistance to people who simply want to improve their overall fitness and health.

Spinal & Sports Care are highly qualified Sports Physios in Castle Hill, Parramatta and Wetherill Park and have been managing sporting individuals and elite sporting professionals since 1977. During this time, Spinal & Sports Care have also provided Sports Physio Services in Sydney, to teams who have represented Australia, across an array of sporting disciplines.

If you live in Castle Hill, Parramatta, Wetherill Park or its surrounding areas and play sport in in a non-professional or professional manner, then the team at Spinal & Sports Care have fully qualified Sports Physiotherapists to help manage your injury management objectives. To learn more about Sporting Physiotherapy Services in Castle Hill, please do not hesitate to call our team (02) 9683 1110. Alternatively, you can book an appointment to visit your local clinic by using the online booking form.