Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are a highly beneficial tool in the diagnosis of bone fractures, bone breaks, bone degeneration and dislocations amongst many others. By using X-rays our practitioners can effectively locate the cause/s of pain or injury and recommend treatment options for you quickly.

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X-rays are one of the most common methods used in the field of medicine to make diagnosis related to bones and joints. X-ray imaging is not only a quick and simple process making it very useful during treatments, but it is also one of the least expensive methods.

X-rays help your practitioner to quickly and correctly diagnose fractures or breaks in bones, dislocations, degeneration, thinning of bones, infections in bones and joints, developmental abnormalities, and certain types of tumors.

Having on-site x-ray services provides our patients with the convenience of instant results without leaving the comfort of our practice and saves patients the inconvenience of having to schedule a separate appointment at another facility.

At Spinal and Sports Care, our practitioners only take X-Rays that will influence our management, in accordance to worldwide accepted protocols and recognized international guidelines.

Spinal and Sports Care has NATA-accredited facilities. NATA accreditation is highly regarded both nationally and internationally as a reliable indicator of technical competence, and tells prospective and current patients that the facility has been assessed against best international practice.