Prehabilitation refers to the physical preparation of the body in order to reduce the chance or severity of injury or if you are anticipating upcoming surgery.

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In order for this process to be successful the physical requirements of the activity need to be clearly understood, the individual needs to be assessed to identify deficiencies in the patient, and then an appropriate action plan devised to remedy these issues.  This is a process followed by all of today’s elite athletes, and one that Spinal and Sports Care has been intimately involved in at this level.

This experience allows our Sports Chiropractors to carefully assess for areas of poor muscle activation and movement pattern, strength deficits, poor muscular endurance and imbalances between muscle groups.  Other things that need to be assessed include posture and asymmetry, balance and proprioception, core strength and pelvic stability, flexibility and joint mobility.  An individualized program of interventions can be created and may include aspects such as strengthening and muscle activation exercises, stretches, massage, pilates, core- strengthening and balance exercises or more sports specific functional exercises.

These principles can also be applied to people preparing for upcoming surgery.  This can dramatically reduce post-operative complications and significantly speed up the rehabilitation process following the procedure.

Studies have proven that patients who undergo successful surgical prehabilitation demonstrate a greater percentage of strength gain, lower pain levels, more rapid improvement, shorter recovery times, less dependence on caregivers and more rapid return to regular activities. In addition, studies also indicate that because patients have been conditioned to better undergo the stressors of the surgery in prehabilitation, they experience decreased time in post-operative physical therapy programs.

At Spinal and Sports Care, many patients and athletes choose prehabilitation, and experience superior outcomes.

If you would like an assessment for a prehabilitation program please contact one of our qualified Sports Chiropractors at Spinal and Sport Care.