Sports Practitioner in Parramatta & Castle Hill

What is the role of a Sports practitioner?

Sports Practitioners treat musculoskeletal injuries that occur in people that play sports. Such injuries include knee and shoulder injuries, ankle sprains, head injuries, tendonitis and fractures. Sports Practitioners may also help athletes with psychological or substance abuse issues related to sports.

Sports Practitioners work within a branch of Sports Medicine and they provide Sports Chiropractic and Sports Physiotherapy services.

Sports Practitioners are trained to assess and diagnose the cause of your pain, and not simply treat the painful area. For example, if you’re having pain in your knee performing squats, your problem may be that you don’t have enough movement through your ankle or hip joint, which can load your knee incorrectly, causing you pain. This is where an in-depth physical assessment is key to treating the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms.

Sports Practitioners treatment services provide the following treatments:

  • Soft tissue work
  • Massage & Dry needling
  • Joint Mobilisations & Adjustments
  • Cold laser

Sports Practitioners must stay up to date with the latest sports medicine literature, in Australia and around the world to give to the best treatments available.

How does Rehabilitation help sports people?

Once the diagnosis assessment is completed, then it is time to implement a sports rehabilitation program. This will address the biomechanical dysfunctions found in your physical assessment and will begin with simple exercises to increase mobility and flexibility.

Each stage of the rehabilitation program will be aligned with the results you experience and may vary from person to person. It is extremely important to not rush any stage, as this may only result in further injuries. It is also strongly advised that patients maintain their rehabilitation program consistently, even after they may feel better.

Once the Sports Practitioner sees improvement in your first stage of your mobility and flexibility techniques, they may then introduce some basic activation exercises in-order-to re-activate muscles that were previously ‘switched off’ and they will also teach you how to move correctly again.

By correcting bad movement habits, which may have contributed to the cause of your injury, you may then go on to move more freely, without worrying that this injury may recur. This correction therapy may provide peace-of-mind to patients who suffer from debilitating pain, and require pain medication.

The final stage of the Sports Rehabilitation Process, is the strength component. Once your range of movement has been restored and you are able to move well without pain, it’s time to load you up. Strength exercises will be specifically applied to your problem areas to ensure that you can move better for longer.

Where will you find Sports Practitioner?

Sports Practitioners are often located working in a range of health settings including the following:

  • Private & Public hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Workplace health and rehabilitation Centres
  • Aged care facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Sports organisations

At Spinal and Sports Care, we have Sports Medicine Australia affiliated Sporting Practitioners and our treatment involves a multimodal approach to assess and diagnose your injury/problem, then treat, rehabilitate, and finally get you back to performing at your best.

Spinal & Sports care also have a fully functioning gymnasium to help their patients, and have all the latest equipment which is all supported by the latest sports medicine research.

If you live in Castle Hill, Parramatta, Wetherill Park or its surrounding areas and suffer from any injuries, then the team at Spinal & Sports Care have fully qualified Sports Practitioners to help improve your health. To learn more about Sports Practitioner Services in Castle Hill, Parramatta & Wetherill Park, please do not hesitate to call our team (02) 9683 1110. Alternatively, you can book an appointment to visit your local clinic by using the online booking form.