Chiropractic and Physiotherapy treatments for Sciatica

Chiropractic and physiotherapy remain the leading treatment option for sciatic pain relief. Rather than just treating the sciatica symptoms, our practitioners at Spinal and Sports Care seek for the cause of sciatica in order to gain long-term effectiveness and prevent recurrence. Common chiropractic/physiotherapy methods with the highest level of evidence include:


Manual Therapy:Massage Therapy


Directional Preference Exercises (McKenzie Method): 

Directional Preference Exercises

  • Includes a thorough assessment to determine what repeated movements improve symptoms and create centralisation (when foot/leg pain diminishes and is then only felt in the back)
  • Exercises are then prescribed based on this assessment to improve pain and increase mobility


Individualised Rehabilitation/Exercise Program: Pilates Treatment | Spinal & Sports Care

  • Muscle re-education to activate certain muscles and correct movement patterns
  • Progressive strength and endurance exercises
  • Incorporate exercises to maintain appropriate flexibility and joint mobility
  • Hydrotherapy, Pilates, Yoga classes


Electro-physical Modalities:Low Level Laser Therapy




The treatment method chosen is based on the cause of sciatica for each individual. All sciatica treatment methods share the same goal of reducing pressure off the sciatic nerve.

There is a complex interplay between biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to sciatica. This is why physiotherapists and chiropractors may need to work in conjunction with other health practitioners such as general practitioners or psychologists.