What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy or low level light therapy is one of many emerging chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments that can aid in the reduction of back pain. Low level light therapy is especially beneficial for patients seeking treatment options that don’t include the use of drugs or surgery.

What is low level therapy?

Low level light therapy or LLLT uses different wavelengths of light to interact with tissues in order to help accelerate the healing process. LLLT can be used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions with patients seeking to use laser therapy for chronic pain and as an effective treatment of arthritis. However, it is also proven that cold laser therapy benefits patients who suffer from both acute and chronic back pain by helping to eliminate and relieve pain, decrease swelling and oedema, reduce muscle spasms and assist in reinstating functionality.

How does low level light therapy work?

The laser is a hand-held device that is placed directly over the site of injury for one to several minutes depending on the area size and the dose being provided. Cold laser is painless and completely non-invasive, and currently has no known side-effects.

The most noticeable sensation to the body during this type of therapy is the touch of the face of the laser as in comes in contact with the skin. There are no pulsating or electrical type sensations and generally no heat is felt.

Is cold laser therapy effective?

Current research indicates that following cold laser therapy, approximately 75-80% of patients noticed an immediate improvement in their condition. This too will depend on the type of condition being treated and its chronicity.  The more chronic or severe the condition the longer the body will take to respond to the treatment

Cold laser has been shown to be both safe and an effective form of therapy in the treatment of back pain.

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