Nutrition Pre and Post Training – The Basics

Nutrition 1


Have you ever wondered what and how much you should be eating and drinking in prep for running a marathon? Do I need protein before or after a massive legs session at the gym? Or how to best eat for recovery for the good old weekend warrior? Wonder no more! Our dietitian Lisa has put together a basic nutrition guideline for you.

Factors that influence our requirements:

  • Duration of training
  • Type of training (aerobic or anaerobic)
  • Weight, height and gender
  • Pre training hydration and nutrition
  • Time before your next training session (recovery period)
  • Your training GOAL! (muscle gain, fat-loss, fitness)


Why is Nutrition a PRIORITY?

  • Refuelling the muscle and liver glycogen (carbohydrate) stores
  • Replacing fluid and electrolytes lost in sweat
  • Building and creating new muscle protein, red blood cells and other cellular components
  • Protecting the Immune system


Pre-training general Recommendations:

(AIS) promotes 50% of your body weight in Carbohydrate grams approximately 30 minutes before training. Eg. 70kg male consumes 35g CHO pre-training.


Post-training general Recommendations:

(AIS) promotes 1g CHO/kg body weight and 15-25g of high quality protein within 30 minutes post training.


Hydration & Recovery Recommendations:

Consume 125-150% of fluid losses in the 4-6 hours following exercise (weighing yourself on accurate scales can give you an indicator of this).

Each kg of weight loss is equivalent to approximately 1 Litre of fluid.

The addition of sodium (either in a drink or food) may assist in replacing electrolyte losses and reduce urine losses, enhancing fluid balance in the post exercise period.


But, MOST IMPORTANTLY…What is your goal?

Muscle Gain?


Body-fat Reduction?




Just make sure you remember – Every DIET should be individualised! No ONE size FITS ALL!

To organise a personalised diet plan please call the clinic on 9683 1110 to make an appointment to see Lisa.