Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain is a common presenting symptom, with the knee joint being particularly susceptible to stress from overuse or mal-alignment.  Knee pain causes can be the result of a sudden injury, overuse injury or an underlying condition such as an inflammatory condition like arthritis.  Symptoms vary between each person and with thorough screening the cause of the pain can be identified.

Sudden injuries are very common in sports that require twisting movements and rapid changes in direction. Elements considered when assessing the severity include; the mechanism of injury, degree of swelling, pain and disability.

Arthritis is any joint affected by swelling, warmth, pain and restricted movement.  Pain in the knee doesn’t always mean the knee is injured.  The primary cause may be referring from other joints such as the lower back or hip.  Assessment of the knee will always include looking at the joint above and below.

Further investigations may be needed to confirm a diagnosis or assess the degree of damage such as a CT scan, X-ray, ultrasound or MRI.  Depending on the findings from these scans or a physiotherapy knee assessment, there is a range of management options available in order to alleviate knee pain and aid the treatment of arthritis.  Activity modification, lifestyle changes, chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy treatment are used for knee pain relief and management.  With sudden injuries, the use of rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE), can help in the first 24hrs prior to seeking the opinion of a health professional. Non-impact activities such as swimming and cycling can help to de-load the knee joint. Other knee pain treatment solutions may include assistive devices such as braces and crutches to help further de-load the knee, if the diagnosis warrants.

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