Exercise Physiologists in Parramatta & Castle Hill

What is the role of an Exercise Physiologist?

An Exercise Physiologist analyse their patients’ fitness to effectively help them improve their health or maintain good health. They help patients who suffer from heart disease and other chronic conditions, like diabetes or pulmonary (lung) disease, to help them regain their health.

Is an Exercise Physiologist a Doctor?

Some Exercise Physiologists work closely with General Practitioners, who may prescribe exercise plans for their patients and refer them to exercise physiologists. The physiologists then work with patients to develop individualised treatment plans that will help the patients meet their health and fitness goals.

What’s the difference between an Exercise Physiologist and a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapist is a university trained professional that is part of the “Allied Health” group.  Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals that assess, diagnose, treat, and work to prevent disease and disability through physical means.

Whereas an Exercise Physiologist is also a University trained professional, they concentrate more closely on patient pulmonary fitness.

Where will you find an Exercise Physiologist?

Exercise Physiologists are often located working in a range of health settings including the following:

  • Private & Public hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Workplace health and rehabilitation Centres
  • Aged care facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Sports organisations

What services do exercise physiologists provide?

Exercise physiologists offer a broad range of treatment offerings, some of which include:

  • Behavioural coaching
  • General Health education
  • Physical rehabilitation

Their treatment services include the implementation of customised exercise programs, which help to encourage patients to spend more time on outdoor activities which counteract the sedentary behaviours they may endure during a long working day, where they may be sitting down for extended periods. This treatment plan will also be assessed and implemented only if the activity is safe and can provide a long-term benefit to the patient.

Exercise Physiologists cannot prescribe medicines, cannot provide diagnosis to injuries, cannot manipulate joints as that of a Chiropractor, and cannot provide any invasive type procedures.

Exercise Physiologists are primarily focused on the body’s response to physical activity.

If you live in Castle Hill, Parramatta, Wetherill Park or its surrounding areas and suffer from heart Disease or any other pulmonary condition, then the team at Spinal & Sports Care have fully qualified Exercise Physiologists to help improve your health. To learn more about Exercise Physiology Services in Castle Hill, please do not hesitate to call our team (02) 9683 1110. Alternatively, you can book an appointment to visit your local clinic by using the online booking form.