Compression Fracture

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A compression fracture is the name given to a vertebral body that has been fractured, commonly due to a traumatic flexion and axial load being applied to that vertebra. Compression fractures can involve multiple vertebral bodies depending on the severity of the trauma and is most commonly located in the thoracolumbar spine. Activities such as horse riding, waterskiing and snowboarding have been shown to be the highest risk for compression fractures due to traumatic falls/jumps in their involved sport. Although trauma is usually the primary cause of compression fractures, individuals with underlying bone pathologies are also prone to compression fractures due to their condition structurally weakening their vertebrae.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Sudden, severe back pain but there are many times where the symptoms can come on gradually and worsen over time.
  • Pain when twisting or bending position.
  • Hypersensitivity and inflammation over involved area/s.
  • Pain increases with walking or standing.
  • Visible spinal deformity over involved region.
  • Pain while coughing and sneezing when acute.