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Sinding-Larson and Osgood-Schlatter are two conditions which affect the bony growth plates found in the knee. Sinding-Larson primarily affects the growth plate at the bottom of the kneecap where as Osgood-Schlatter affects the growth plate in the upper anterior surface of the tibia (tibial tuberosity). Both of these conditions occur in children to adolescent age groups because their growth plates haven’t completely fused to the bulk of the bone. Growth plates enable bone growth to occur but they are also sites of weakness in the bone which are more prone to injury. These injuries particularly occur in young athletes who perform running and jumping activities as this repetitive contraction causes tightening of the quadriceps and patellar tendon. The increase tension of these structures causes an inflammatory reaction at the site of the active growth plate which is seen in the above conditions.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Pain and sensitivity over the involved growth plate.
  • Swelling over growth plate is evident.
  • Pain gets worse during activity and exercise.
  • May alter gait when acute and severe.