Meniscal Injuries & Tears

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Mensical injuries are a result of any damage to either of the two C-shaped cartilages which separate the bones in the knee joint. The menisci act as shock absorbers within the knee which assist in cushioning any compressive forces on the knee during activity. Most injuries to the meniscus are a result of combined compression and rotation at the knee. The increase torsion within the knee during these movements will often cause tearing of the meniscus. Meniscal tears are commonly due to twisting of the knee when quickly changing directions whilst the foot is fixed on the ground. Any trauma that involves twisting or buckling of the knee may cause significant damage to the meniscus as well as further damage to other ligamentous structures around the knee. Chronic meniscal damage can be due to the meniscus being unable to with stand the compressive force on the knee. This failure of the meniscus may result in degenerative changes which are found commonly in many arthritic knee conditions.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Pain within the knee after the injury which feels like a deep tearing sensation.
  • Swelling may occur immediately or after a few hours.
  • Knee may feel weak/unstable, locking, giving way and may produce clicking noises.
  • In severe cases, unable to weight bear or walk due to pain.