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The labrum of the hip is the cartilage cushioning which attaches to the bony rim of the acetabular and is located between the acetabulum and the head of the femur. The hip labrum aids in shock absorption, pressure distribution, joint lubrication and aiding in the stability of the hip during weight bearing. Due to the entire weight of the upper body being transformed through the hips, the labrum is under excessive load and over time may cause tearing and degeneration. Any form of structural deformity or trauma to the hip may develop or cause a labral tear. Participants in sports such as ballet, golf, ice hockey, football and soccer have all been shown to have an increase risk of developing a labral tear.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • May initially produce no evident signs and symptoms until many years later.
  • Patient may describe catching or locking sensation felt in the hip joint.
  • May cause anterior hip and groin pain.
  • Decreased hip mobility and altered gait pattern due to injury.