Triceps Tendinitis (Posterior Tennis Elbow)

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A tendon is a fibrous cord of connective tissue connecting muscle to bone. Made up of mostly collagen, it has more tensile strength than muscles but far less elasticity. Due to this inelasticity, overuse of tendons commonly leads to inflammation and swelling causing pain. The triceps brachii muscle attaches to the back of the humerus /scapula and tendon inserts onto the olecranon which is located at the back of the elbow. Inflammation of this triceps tendon onto the back of the elbow is commonly referred to as triceps tendonitis or posterior tennis elbow. This injury is frequently seen in boxers, weight lifters, pitchers and shot-putters due to the repetitive load onto the triceps tendon during these activities.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Generally produces a dull ache in the back of the elbow, which may become sharp pain with movements of the elbow.
  • History of repetitive movements with the elbow/forearm.
  • Pain/stiffness in the elbow after activity.
  • Swelling around the elbow.
  • Pain is increased with resisted elbow extension.