Little League Elbow

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This syndrome is characterized by either medial or lateral elbow pain that is commonly found in adolescent baseball pitchers due to the repetitive throwing overhand movements with the elbow/forearm. The mechanism of this injury is caused by overstretching of the inside structures of the elbow in conjunction with compression of outside structures around the elbow. The repetitive stretching of the inside elbow causes microtraumas to the medial ligaments and can also irritate the active growth plate located in this region. The compressive force on the outside of the elbow can also result in damage to the lateral bony structures of the radial head and capitellum, as this area is rapidly closed during this injury.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Aching/sharp pain at the elbow (medial/lateral surface).
  • Weakness in grip strength and elbow pain while holding objects.
  • Pain shooting down the forearm.
  • Pain/stiffness in the elbow after activity.
  • Swelling around the elbow.