Inversion Sprain & Eversion Sprain

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What is an Inversion/Eversion Sprain?

These sprains are referred to as a traumatic forcible inversion/eversion injury to the supporting ligaments around the inside and outside of the ankle. Inversion sprains (ankle rolls inwards) are the most common type of injury to the ankle and result in overstretching of the outside ligaments. Eversion sprains (ankle rolls outwards) cause overstretching of the inside ligaments, but both of these types of sprains can cause instability around the ankle. The ankle may sustain these injuries by rapidly changing directions, running/walking on an uneven surface and treading on a ball or opponents foot.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Extreme pain in the ankle after the injury, commonly over the site of tear.
  • Inability to move the ankle due to pain.
  • Swelling may occur within the first few hours with bruising around the ankle and foot.
  • Ankle may feel weak/unstable, giving way sensation and may have produced an audible “snap or crack” noise during time of injury.
  • Unable to weight bear or walk due to pain, swelling and instability.