Australia Day Survival Guide

Top Tips to Get Your Happy Back this Australia Day!

 Australia Day Survival Guide

No matter how you plan to celebrate Australia Day, make sure you don’t spoil the occasion by putting your back out. Spinal & Sports Care has got your back with the following tips:

Stay Active

While it’s nice to enjoy a day off work, it’s important to stay active and not spend the whole day on the couch. We would like to encourage you to take advantage of your extra free time to go for a walk, or run around and play with your kids.

Prolonged sitting can affect your postural health – even when you exercise regularly. When you sit for too long and too often, the natural curve in your back deteriorates, increasing pressure in your spine and weakening your back’s core stabilising muscles.

To get up and go for a walk is a fantastic way to boost your activity levels and improve posture. Regular walking will also build up your core strength. Core strength is an important part of maintaining good posture and will help you to maintain better posture during your other daily activities.

Travel Safely

If you are travelling this Australia Day, these handy travel tips will help you enjoy the best time away:

1      Take regular stretch breaks at least every one to two hours

2      Tuck in your chin & roll your shoulders back every hour to loosen tight muscles

3      Use back support, such as a small, rolled towel. Alternate behind the back & then between the shoulders.

4      Sit upright with your head back before setting the position of your mirrors. This will remind you not to slouch.

5      Stay well hydrated, sip water often.

6      Pillows are light, so take a supportive pillow strapped to your case.

7      Put your seat upright & ensure your tailbone is as far back in the seat as it can be, with shoulders and head as supported as possible by the seat.

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