What is Foot Pronation?


When the outside part of the heel of your shoe wears significantly faster than the inside, this is a sign that a person is over pronating when they walk/run. Excessive pronation of feet, or flat feet as it is commonly known is where the arch of the foot collapses as a person walks and the feet roll in. This can be caused by a number of things including ligamentous laxity, leg length inequalities, weakness/tightness in the calf, and other general anatomical variants.

What does this cause?

The feet are the foundation for your body and excessive pronation of the feet will frequently lead to altered lower limb and pelvic biomechanics which increases the risk of injury throughout the body especially during walking and running. As seen in the image below on the left this can cause problems throughout the entire body as force is transferred up through the legs from the feet all the way up to the neck/head. The right image shows how the body is supposed to look when aligned correctly

Pronation of Foot

Pronations of Feet

This disruption to normal biomechanics can then manifest itself in the signs and symptoms such as

  • Tension and pain being felt in the arch and sole of the feet.
  • Shoes wearing down faster on the outer side of your shoes.
  • Pain that may be felt in the ankle, shins, knees, hips and lower back during standing or physical activities such as running and walking.
  • Increased tension in the lower leg musculature.

Pronation of Foot


What can I do?

At Spinal and Sports Care we take a whole body approach when it comes to treating foot pronation. A combination of one or more of the following can successfully treat most problems:

  • Orthotics – Help correct the pronation in the foot ankle
  • Heel Lift – Addresses any leg length inequalities
  • Correcting Lower Limb Biomechanics – through mobilisations, stretching and strengthening exercises

If you’re experiencing issues related to pronation of the foot, you’re not alone. At Spinal and Sports Care, we take a holistic approach to help you regain your natural biomechanical balance. Our treatments, including orthotics, heel lifts, and corrective exercises, are designed to address foot pronation and its associated challenges, promoting a healthier, more comfortable stride.

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Dylan Brogan