What can a Chiropractor help with?

Are you in pain, discomfort or experiencing aching joints, which do not seem to be improving? Or do you have neck pain or back pain and as a result you’re lacking mobility and flexibility?

There are number of reasons why such pain or discomfort can occur in our bodies, and with our busy schedules dictating when or how we can find the time to exercise, the reality is, our bodies are like machines, which need servicing and general therapeutic maintenance to ensure our bones and joints remain mobile.

It is wise to seek treatment, but where do you start, or who do you seek for treatment, which could get you on the right path to recovery?

You can start by visiting a Chiropractor, as they will examine the placement of your entire spine and extremities including the muscles, to see if the body is functioning optimally, as this is very often the cause of such discomforts to the body.


What is a Chiropractor?

A Chiropractor is predominantly focused on the treatment of problems which may occur in skeletons, muscles, ligaments and tendons. They use hands on manipulation and other treatments such as massage and exercise to ensure good movement and function. By implementing spinal adjustments, Chiropractors may provide relief to patients who may be experiencing back pain and neck pain, to name a few.


What are the benefits of Chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractors can help reduce back pain and neck pain as they provide treatment directly to the source of the affected area. They may achieve this through manipulation and massage and without the need for medication.

As the treatment is non-invasive, Chiropractic treatment is a low-risk treatment for people that require relief from pain.

As Chiropractic treatment is applied directly to the affected area, it may also aid in providing treatment to the source of the problem. This means, that Chiropractic treatment may help to resolve the actual issue or cause of the pain.


Chiropractic Treatment may help to improve sleep

As Chiropractors help to reduce discomfort to treated areas of the body, Chiropractic treatment may also help to relax the body as it helps free the tension associated with back pain, neck pain and headaches. Traditionally, people who experience a lack of sleep for a variety of reasons, usually don’t address the issue, and one of those reasons may be musculoskeletal in nature. They sometimes rely on sleeping medication and other treatments. But patients who receive Chiropractic treatment for muscular discomfort, report they experience sleep improvements.


Chiropractors may help to relieve stress

In our busy lives, our bodies endure both physical and mental stress. Through increased working hours where we sit down for extended periods of time, or with the mental strain associated with living in a busy society, Chiropractors can also alleviate chronic stress which may be a result of muscle tension.


Chiropractors may help improve your posture

If you have ever experienced a knot in your muscles which was extremely painful and caused you tremendous discomfort, and as a result made your body bend and twist to avoid pain? These knots are often referred to as Trigger Points, and are tight bands of muscles in spasm. If gone untreated, these can cause undue pain and would often result in other parts of your body being affected.

Chiropractic treatment help to promote good posture, which means the natural position of the body when it is either standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture can help reduce stresses placed on the muscles and skeletal system and as such can help reduce pain.


Chiropractors can help with headaches and migraines

Approximately 70% of all headaches are musculoskeletal. Some people experience frequent, recurring, or chronic headaches. Headache pain ranges from slight discomfort to debilitating pain. It may last for minutes or days to possibly even months and years. You may have a headache along with another minor health problem such as a sore throat, cold, or sinus problem.

Other causes may be eye strain, sinusitis, dental or jaw problems, alcohol/medication/dehydration, illness, and very rarely serious medical conditions.  It is important to have your headaches comprehensively assessed to determine the nature and type of headache that you have – there are over 150 different types of headache.

There are many ways in which a Chiropractor can help with niggling aches and pains and overall wellbeing, to ensure your body’s bones and joints may remain mobile and free from tension.

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