Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that treats and prevents injuries of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Branches of this include Sports Chiropractic and Sports Physiotherapy.  At Spinal and Sports Care, we have Sports Medicine Australia affiliated practitioners and our treatment involves a multimodal approach to assess and diagnose your injury/problem, then treat, rehabilitate, and finally get you back to performing at your best.

As sports physicians, we are trained to assess and diagnose the cause of your pain, not simply treat the painful area. For example, if you’re having pain in your knee performing squats, your problem may be that you don’t have enough movement through your ankle or hip joint, which can load your knee incorrectly, causing pain. An in-depth physical assessment is the key to treating the CAUSE of your pain, not just the symptoms.

Treatment can involve physiotherapy and chiropractic care such as soft tissue work/massage, dry needling, joint mobilisations/adjustments and cold laser. Our practitioners stay up to date with the latest sports medicine literature, in Australia and around the world to give to the best treatments available.

Your rehabilitation program will then address the biomechanical dysfunction that we found in your physical assessment and will begin with simple exercises to increase mobility and flexibility first. You will then proceed to partake in some basic activation exercises in order to re-activate muscles that were previously ‘switched off’ and teach you how to move correctly again. Our clinics also offer individual and group Pilates classes for those that need it.

Finally, comes the strength component. Once your range of movement has been restored and you are able to move well without pain, it’s time to load you up. These strength exercise will be specifically targeted to your problem areas to ensure that you can move better for longer. Our fully functioning gym has all the latest equipment and is all backed by the latest sports medicine research.

You don’t need to be injured to come see us either if you want to improve your performance in a particular skill or sport, our functional movement screen can assess your mechanics to help you perform at your best. Give us a call today on 9683 1110 or visit one of our chiropractors and physiotherapists at Parramatta or Castle Hill locations.