The Benefits of Sports Chiropractic for Athletes

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or simply partaking in regular exercise and training programs, undoubtedly your body will be susceptible to pain and injuries. In fact, elite professionals and everyday athletes have been increasingly involved in sports chiropractic treatments to help enhance their performance, enjoyment and effectiveness of their physical activities as well as prevent or treat sports-related injuries.

Research, including a 2011 study published in Bio Med Central journal on Musculoskeletal Disorders which examined 2 groups of semi-elite AFL players, suggests that athletic individuals who participate in various chiropractic care solutions have the upper-hand in comparison to their counterparts who don’t. So what are the benefits of chiropractic sports medicine on the body for athletes?

For many athletes of all ages and various levels, chiropractic care has played a crucial component of a holistic training regime in order to achieve peak performance. In fact, there are three factors which are essential in order to maximise performance in any given exercise. Endurance, Strength and Structure (ESS) which encompasses cardiovascular fitness, and having a healthy spine and nervous system is essential for athletes to excel in their given sports, however, many athletes do not have a healthy balance between the three components.

In most sports and physical activities, a weak structure can lead to back pain or discomfort and as time goes on these imbalances can take a negative effect on the athlete’s ability.

However, sports chiropractic treatments are designed as a management, prevention and rehabilitation method of the neuromusculoskeletal system for athletes. Thus, athletes who partake in chiropractic care are ensuring the proper motion, which leads to better sensory-motor integration, thus improving the overall performance of the body.

Furthermore, chiropractors can also assist athletes through their treatments to promote improved balance and coordination. Evidently, these skills are essential in various physical activities and will reflect in improved performance. For example, at Spinal and Sports care we offer a range of sports chiropractic treatments in our Parramatta, Castle Hill and Wetherill Park locations that focus on correct function, to help our patients achieve paramount performance in their activity.

As discussed, chiropractors help their patients through various methods to help maintain the correct motion, balance and coordination of the musculoskeletal system. While such treatment allows for athletes to improve their performance on-field, it also minimises the risk for injuries that would occur as a result of poor function.

In fact, sporting chiropractic methods can also improve asymmetry within the body. Asymmetries, which are defined as a relative difference in muscle strength, motion, flexibility, balance and mechanics between the different sides of the body, are quite common in most individuals and are often thought to result in an increased susceptibility to injuries. Sports chiropractors are trained in the proper function and biomechanics of the body and through correcting asymmetry, the body’s natural balance is restored, relieving athletes from excess stress that can cause injuries.

Chiropractic sports medicine can also be useful in treating injuries and managing associated pain. The treatments associated with chiropractic care allows the injured muscles and tissues to relax, relieving pain that is the result of built-up tension. Chiropractic is a safe and natural pain management solution, that focuses on treating the injury at the root of the problem rather than simply subsiding the symptoms associated. Furthermore, if a sports injury is sustained, chiropractic care can help promote a speedy recovery and optimal healing.

Any individual who is regularly involved in a sport of any level or various physical activity will greatly benefit from sports chiropractic medicine. At Spinal and Sports Care, our trained sports chiropractors based in Parramatta, Castle Hill and Wetherill Park possess thorough knowledge and experience in sports-related injuries and take a multidisciplinary approach to treat patients, manage pain, promote healing and maximise performance.

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