Alex is a highly qualified and dedicated Chiropractor and Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) with a robust educational background and a passionate commitment to addressing sporting and musculoskeletal injuries. His professional journey commenced with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science from the Australian Catholic University, laying the foundational expertise in the field. Building upon this, Alex pursued advanced studies, completing a Master of Chiropractic and a Master in Clinical Exercise Physiology.

His commitment and competence were acknowledged when he presented his final year Master of Chiropractic research group project on the global stage in Berlin at the Federation of International Sports Chiropractic symposium. The project, titled “A workforce study of Sports Chiropractic in Australia,” earned him 2nd place, among other accolades. Alongside his various endeavours, these accomplishments collectively contributed to his recognition and the prestigious NSW Student Sports Chiropractic Graduate of the Year award in 2018.
Currently serving as the chairman of Sports Chiropractic NSW, Alex maintains active membership in the Australian Chiropractic Association and Australasian Institute of Chiropractic Education (AICE- Sports and Exercise) showcasing his leadership and dedication to professional growth. He applies his chiropractic knowledge and skills to practical settings, working with Blacktown City’s under 20s and 1st grade teams in the NSW National Premier League competition.

Simultaneously, Alex is completing a Master of Research (MRes) at Macquarie University, where he is expected to complete his thesis, titled “Subsequent and Recurrent Injuries in football players,” in early 2024. This research reflects his commitment to advancing understanding in the sports chiropractic field.
In summary, Alex’s multifaceted background, combining academic knowledge, practical experience, and a deep passion for athlete well-being, positions him as a valuable contributor to the evolving field of Sports Chiropractic. His accolades and leadership roles underscore his dedication to excellence in both academic research and practical application within the Sports Chiropractic community.

Alex will provide a wide range of services to the Greater Western Sydney area (Parramatta, Bella Vista and Wetherill Park) in New South Wales, Australia. The services on offer are of these 4 types primary types:

1). Neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis – Alex ensures that patients will be thoroughly examined and triaged accordingly. Alex will refer patients to alternative management where it is deemed the case is not suitable for management at Spinal and Sports Care.
2). Injury reduction – through assessment and corrective exercise.
3). Injury care and rehabilitation – immediate injury care and on-field coverage, post-operative treatment, and return-to-play rehabilitation.
4). Performance enhancement – Focusing on athletic development for all sports and ages, as well as improving the capacity to perform activities of daily living (ADLs). Alex will strive to educate individuals about their health and empower them to the right path of decisions so that individuals can lead healthy, injury-free lives beyond their time at Spinal and Sports Care.

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