Office Stretches


Don’t underestimate those short breaks for daily stretches – simple physical exercises (if you are doing them regularly) will keep you healthy and comfortable at work!

Office work day in, day out can be stressful and takes its toll on your body. Prolonged sitting in one position is harmful for your muscles and leads to growing stiffness. Short stretches at the desk are an effective way to prevent or reduce stiffness and pain, and avoid some major health problems.

If you are an Apple user, iTunes has a FREE App (lite version) which is a collection of short near-desk stretching  exercises to relieve muscle stiffness and keep yourself healthy at work. Elaborated by a physical therapist, illustrated with how-to videos and easy-to-follow instructions!

“Office Stretches” features
– 5 sets of targeted stretches for different groups of muscles: Neck, Back, Legs, Hands, and Body (over 35 exercises)
– set the best exercise duration (based on how much time you have: from 5 to 15 mins)
– plan your next day with the stretches you liked most of all (add reminders about the exercises to your iPhone or iPod calendar)
– step-by-step text, audio, and video instructions for each exercise
– choose your favourite music to cheer you up while having the stretches
– share your achievements via Facebook and Twitter

Get Office Stretches on the App Store. Screen shots, ratings and read customer reviews.


About the Author

Lorenzo Campagna has been working at Spinal and Sports Care since 1995 and has been a partner since 1998 and practice Principal since 2010. Lorenzo has vast experience, expertise and knowledge in this area of sports chiropractic health care and has extensive experience in both spinal and extremity biomechanics and exercise prescription. Lorenzo utilises a strong evidence based approach to injury assessment and management.