Navigating Foot Pronation: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options

Foot pronation, also commonly known as “flat feet”, is a biomechanical condition where the arch of the foot collapses or flattens, causing the foot to roll inward excessively, sometimes structurally or dynamically when walking or running. While some degree of pronation is normal, overpronation can lead to various issues. Understanding the causes, recognising symptoms, and exploring effective interventions such as physiotherapy and chiropractic therapy are essential in addressing this common foot concern. 

What Causes Foot Pronation?

Causes of foot pronation are often multifaceted and often include factors such as genetics, imbalances, muscle weakness, unsupportive or inappropriate footwear, and previous injuries. 

Flat Foot

Common Symptoms Of Foot Pronation

Recognising these symptoms of foot pronation is crucial for early intervention.

  • Foot pain along the inner arch or sole of the foot; including plantar fasciitis or tendinopathies of muscles which support/build the arch of your foot.  
  • Knee and hip pain: This often results from excessive foot pronation, as a result of misalignment of the tibia (shin bone) and its knock on effects.  
  • Bunions/corns: These may also develop due to increased pressure on certain areas of the foot. 

Foot Pronation Treatment

Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment plays a crucial role in addressing foot pronation through targeted interventions, including the following:  

  • muscle strengthening 
  • gait analysis 
  • stretching exercises 
  • footwear recommendations 
  • orthotic advice 
  • treatment of symptoms with tools such as extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) which is a very successful tool in treating plantar fasciitis and tendinopathies. 

Foot stretching exercises

Secure The Treatment You Need With Spinal & Sports Care!

Foot pronation can lead to various discomforts and injuries, but the right treatment through physiotherapy chiropractic therapy offers effective solutions. Through a combination of targeted exercises, gait analysis, and personalised interventions, therapists can empower individuals to address the root causes of overpronation, promoting better foot function and overall musculoskeletal health. Early intervention can significantly improve symptoms and prevent long-term complications associated with foot pronation. 

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