What is Fatigue?


What is Fatigue?

The demands of modern life can leave many of us feeling that we just don’t have enough energy to keep up. Fatigue makes everything we do seem more difficult and can rob us of enjoyment, enthusiasm and quality of life. All of us can feel this way on occasion however, if you are feeling flat and tired more often than not, fatigue may negatively impact all aspects of your life.

What are Some Underlying Causes of Fatigue?

Stress – deadlines, family, social and financial demands put us into a prolonged “flight or fight” mode that can leave your body depleted of energy

Poor sleep – is when we re-charge our batteries, lack of sleep contributes to poor concentration, memory and mood disturbances and lack of energy

Dehydration – very common but often overlooked, impairs delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells

Blood Glucose Disturbances– infrequent meals, diet high in refined carbs and sugars can dysregulate insulin and impact on transport of glucose from our blood into our cells to create energy.

Lowered Immunity – increases risk of infection and is directly linked to fatigue

Inflammation – can be invisible but a very active process where our body is in constant repair mode that depletes our cells of energy creating fatigue.

Nutrition – Like any high-performance vehicle our body needs the right fuel to run at it’s best. A lack of good quality carbs, protein and healthy fats along with deficiencies of a number of beneficial nutrients such as Iron, B vitamins, Magnesium and CoQ10 can deplete our body and create fatigue.

If you are experiencing fatigue come and see Mattia, our Naturopath / Nutritionist for a comprehensive consultation and treatment plan.

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