Benefits of Seeing a Dietitian

Do you feel lethargic, lacking energy, and generally feel like you could do with a turbo boost, just to get you through your day? Well, the chances are your diet might have something to do with it. They say we are what we eat, and with fast food becoming increasingly more accessible, with the likes of new age food delivery services, it’s no wonder our modern-day society is seeing big spikes in obesity levels across all ages of men and women.

For someone to say that may you need to go on a diet, although may not be political correct or may offend some people, might on the other hand be saving your life. People may be putting on unnecessary weight without even eating too much food, whilst others just can’t seem to put weight on. Whatever the case may be, food intake plays a major part in our body’s health, and as-a-consequence has different effects on everyone.

What is a Dietitian?

A Dietitian is a person who is qualified to assess, diagnose and treat dietary conditions to people, so they can improve the health of their bodies. They work with individuals who are not only sick but healthy as well. Dietitians can help in a variety of capacities but ultimately their goal is to bring vitality to people via way of implementing a well-rounded eating plan.

There are many reasons why you may benefit from seeing a Dietitian.

Dietitians can help with your digestion problems

Eating certain foods may affect people in different ways. Some may be allergic to certain foods, whilst others may be intolerant to foods which may bring their energy levels down. This is where a Dietitian can identify foods for individuals to stay away from.

Dietitians can help you add or lose weight

Weight fluctuation can be an ongoing cause of stress to many people. Some struggle to put weight on, no matter how much they eat, whilst others may be on varying types of diets for years, only to never change. A Dietitian can personalise an eating plan which will help you lose or gain weight. Scientifically, Dietitians can assess which food groups will provide the most favourable results for your body, thus taking the guessing out of knowing which foods one should eat.

Dietitians can advise on everyday eating

Whether you wish to lose weight or not, we all can benefit from eating a balanced diet which contains all the food groups essential to promote healthy living. A Dietitian can outline a meal plan which is in tune with your lifestyle and can also incorporate the little pleasures you love. Essentially there is no need to miss out on your favourite chocolates but a carefully balanced meal plan by a Dietitian will take-into-account your personal requirements to ensure you can have your cake and eat it too.

Dietitians can help manage diabetes

There are certain medical conditions like Diabetes, high blood pressure and others which need to stay in check. Dietitians can help manage these medical conditions to ensure their patients can lead a normal life, whilst addressing these conditions on a daily-basis.

Dietitians can help your pregnancy

When you are pregnant you are essentially eating for two, or more if you have twins or more. Mothers undergo body changes and especially notice changes in the amount of food they can consume, also the types of foods they may crave. Dietitians can help manage expecting mothers’ dietary intake to ensure both mum and baby are healthy throughout the pregnancy. Additionally, Dietitians can implement a healthy eating plan which will also promote a healthy body post pregnancy.

Dietitians provide a road map for a healthy lifestyle

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And our bodies were not designed to change overnight. Taking baby steps in achieving our dietary goals is key to a well-balanced and healthy life. By giving your body the sustenance you need in a realistic timeframe, will benefit your body, and in time your goals will be in line with your expectations. These days there are too many fad diets which claim to add or remove weight in days or weeks, and unfortunately due to clever marketing, people become victim to believing the hype but ultimately never achieve their goals. By taking carefully planned steps to achieve your goals will not be a shock to your body, and your body will be more likely to either keep the desired weight on, or keep it off, depending on your expectations.

Dietitians helping athletes

Food and athletes go hand in hand. To ensure athletes can compete at their desired levels, they seek the services of qualified Dietitians to maximise performance. Athletes benefit greatly from understanding how their body can manage certain foods, whilst knowing which foods to stay away from. Peak performance is measured in millimetres and the difference between winning or losing can also come down to an effective eating plan.

Healthy eating doesn’t taste bad

A qualified Dietitian can create an eating plan which can include certain food groups or tastes which make you not feel like you are missing out. A Dietitian can show you how to cook and prepare food which tastes great and introduces fresh produce, which can be more cost effective to your budget, whilst providing all the special nutrients your body needs.

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